I started working with Ivy 18 months ago and despite the fact that I live in Lincoln Park, I have yet to miss a session except when out of town.  I love Ivy!  The first year was spent strength training which was an amazing experience. At age 60 I am in the best shape of my life. Six months ago we shifted our sessions and the focus to yoga which has taken me to yet another level of inner and outer fitness.  I am completely hooked!  I had tried yoga in the past, but Ivy does everything right along side you and explains everything and suggests things you can do at home. In other words, she makes sure you are doing the poses correctly.  Her studio is a mellow and relaxing spot to work out and we pick the music to set the mood of the day. She always has healthy post work out snacks and nutritional tips for me as well.  I love going and even more than that…

I LOVE the results. I feel taller, straighter and leaner.  My aches and pains are gone which she has been so attentive to and tweaked our program for maximum benefits and wellness.  As an ultra busy professional with a crazy schedule, this is “me” time.  When we began, I could literally barely balance on one leg for more than a short time.  Today I can get on a big stability ball on my hands and knees and raise up and balance there with arms extended  — truly an amazing personal accomplishment! She is such a lovely person and I feel privileged to work with her. We work hard and we have a lot of fun!

Jan Smith

Ivy recently got her Yoga certification and I came to her feeling sick and stressed. I was having stomach issues and having difficulty eating and sleeping. Her loving, calming nature, beautiful environment and intuitive knowledge of what would be good for me has really made a difference in my life. I really enjoy and look forward to Yoga with Ivy. I feel calmer, can tune into my breathing and feel much stronger…able to do some challenging yoga poses that make me strong but don’t hurt me. She really listens to me and understands my individual challenges. Thanks Ivy for changing my life for the better!

Reba M.

I love, love, love working out with Ivy every week.  As a trainer she pushes my individual goals to help me get stronger and feeling wonderful.  I so appreciate her expertise and professionalism.  

Jann Corday, Retired Teacher, Age… 62

Ivy is a great personal trainer.  She truly fits the description of a “personal” trainer, by paying attention to every detail during the training session, varying the workout and customizing the session for optimal results. She also provides valuable up to date nutritional information. Then there’s the added bonus of Ivy being a certified yoga instructor! I truly feel re-energized whenever I complete a session with her.

Sheri Kase

 Thanks to Ivy and “Healthy Ways for Life” for teaching me how to live a healthy lifestyle. I have dealt with weight issues my entire life, and 2 years ago I made a major decision that I wanted to be “healthy” and knew I never wanted to “diet” again. Ivy went  grocery shopping with me at Whole Foods and explained to me what are healthy choices and what items to avoid. I started working out with her 2 days a week and I never set a weight loss goal. I knew I just wanted to be healthy and I was going to do whatever it took to get there. I’m now down 4 pants sizes and feel so much healthier and I know I can live this way the rest of my life! Ivy also taught me to appreciate vegetables and how to make them taste delicious too…now I crave cauliflower not cookies!!

Sheryl R, Riverwoods, IL

Walking around a summer Farmer’s Market with Ivy is a great way to jump start fresh eating practices. The colors and aromas of  ripe fruits and vegetables will make eating healthy a trend you will want to follow all year long.

Binnie S, Highland Park

Ivy is the full package. In just a few meetings Ivy was able to determine my worst habits and replace them with healthy fulfilling  alternatives. Ivy then provided me with exercises to do at home to strengthen my core while making sure I was in perfect alignment. I was not in the correct position before.

Sheryl G, Deerfield

Ivy is the perfect trainer! She is a supportive, positive, and knowledgeable trainer who individualizes your workout needs and  encourages healthy food choices that can easily become part of your daily life.

Eileen W, Deerfield

Ivy has helped me to overcome my fear of working out; I can even lift real weights!! Ivy’s custom workout plan has helped me to become much stronger and have more energy!

Judy K, Deerfield