about Ivy

ivyI look at the whole person, mind body and spirit. I’m certified as a personal trainer, Yoga Alliance certified teacher, and Holistic Nutritional Lifestyle Coach. My work is also my way of life.

Now in my mid fifties, I am in the best shape of my life. I attribute this to the way I eat and exercise. I eliminated gluten from my diet and limit my dairy. I get my energy through the foods I eat and the exercises I do. I eat REAL FOODS, rather than processed foods made by large corporations.

My goal is to help women over 40 realize the importance of making healthy food and exercise choices in order to age gracefully throughout their lives. We need to watch what we put in our body as well as how we care for it. I understand that there is no easy fix, no short term solution. It’s about having a mindset, a lifestyle, a shift. My clients understand that I’m here to partner with them to get healthy. To set them on the right path.
Healthy Ways for Life is just that.